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Testimonial BackdropDr Monique Gary DO, MSc

Dr Lynn O'Connor, MD, MPH

"Colorectal cancer death rates are 52% higher in black men and 41% higher in black women compared to their white counterparts. It is imperative that our communities have a media service such as InnerCityMD-TV to further address and disseminate these issues"

Dr Charles Modlin, MD, MBA

"African Americans have some of the highest rates of diabetes and hypertension leading to kidney disease, kidney failure, end-stage renal disease and need for kidney transplantation. InnerCityMD-TV can help convey this message throughout our urban communities"

Testimonial BackdropDr Monique Gary DO, MSc

Dr Monique Gary, DO, MSc

"Breast cancer awareness is at an all-time high, but culturally appropriate screening & prevention programs that target underrepresented patient communities have yet to reach their zenith. And despite high awareness, millions of women still lack basic health literacy on normal-abnormal breast health, trials, surgical, genetic, and reconstructive options"

Dr William Cooper, MD, MBA

"I am eager to assist InnerCityMD-TV in producing programming that helps our Black communities recognize and understand the early and preventable risk factors surrounding cardiovascular diseases, therapeutic options awareness, and most appropriate follow up questions and decisions"

Testimonial Backdrop

Dr Virginia Banks, MD, MBA, FISA

"I am chief of Infectious Disease and take care of patients with HIV. African Americans represent a disproportionate number of patients with the disease, especially black women. I am eager to assist InnerCityMD in producing any programs that help our AA communities become aware of HIV/AIDS latest treatment and management options."

Dr Raymond Wynn, MD, FACR

"As an academic radiation oncologist, I treat vast numbers of diverse patients who present with preventable advanced stages of cancer. Had these patients had a demographic-targeted media platform promoting readily available free or low cost diagnostic and therapeutic imaging services many of their cancers could have been thwarted years earlier."

Testimonial Backdrop

Dr Allison Downer, MD

"May is mental health awareness month and InnerCityMD-TV is a timely service and opportunity to speak during May and beyond on depression and suicide in teens in general, and especially speak to the unique and cultural ways these issues manifest in African American youth."

Dr Kevin Woods, MD, MPH

"InnerCityMD-TV presents a strategic and affordable opportunity for HCPs to promote their medico-surgical expertise across both consumer and professional audiences. I look forward to assisting with content development across my clinical specialty."

Testimonial Backdrop

Dr Terri Major-Kincade, MD, MPH

"Black women with a college degree are two times more likely to have a preterm infant. Their infants have higher rates of prematurity and higher rates of death even when access to prenatal care is provided. I believe InnerCityMD-TV has a unique opportunity to increase awareness on birth outcomes among urban populations and reduce these health disparities."

Julie Black-Peart, MPAS

"InnerCityMD-TV can be a great branded health media resource for urban academic medical centers like SUNY Downstate where the heart of Brooklyn beats with a diverse population."

The Company

Who We are

InnerCityMD is a healthcare content, media technology, and advertising services company. Our core business is the custom design and deployment of Over-the-Top (OTT-), Connected-, Smart-TV apps/platforms (e.g. Roku, Amazon Fire-TV, Apple-TV, Android-TV, Chromoecast, iOS & Android Mobile) targeting the multilevel $4T health & medical industry.

Why We Exist

Healthcare analysts recognize 90% of US consumers are healthcare illiterate; 86M are pre-diabetic, 23M fully-diagnosed; 1.2M are addicted to prescription and illicit opoiods; $300B is lost annually in Rx abandonment and poor adherence-compliance; and across both red and blue communities continued chronic disease burdens costs 20% GDP.

Our Team

InnerCityMD-TV is run by visionary medical, media, tech and business professionals. Our editorial staff includes physicians, nurses, journalists, videographers and graphic artists. We fully understand our customer businesses, community social determinants of health and leverage the latest digital media techniques designed to attract and engage our target viewers.

OTT-Technology Play

OTT, Connected, Smart-TV

Millions of US households termed “Cord-Cutters and Cord-Nevers” are cutting their traditional cable, satellite and telco pay-TV services. Fed up with $200-plus monthly fees and lack of al la carte content choices these consumers are flocking to Over-the-Top (OTT) platforms such as Roku and Amazon Fire-TV offering “skinny-bundles” of favourite channels for a low monthly fee.

Consumer Device Trends

According to media analysts, at end 2Q’17, Roku (IPO-NASDAQ) had 38.9 million consumers (23.1%) streaming video at least once per month. The next most popular streaming devices were Google Chromecast 36.9 million (22%), Amazon Fire-TV 35.8 million (21.3%), and Apple TV 21.3 million (12.7%). Some HHs streaming to multiple devices.

OTT Solution

InnerCityMD has launched an OTT-TV network to help tackle the US healthcare crisis. Our cross-app solutions educate. consumer-patients on better awareness, prevention, and self-management of acute & chronic diseases. We empower multilevel HCPs (e.g., community-based physicians, federally qualified health centers, urgent care clinics, academic health centers, integrated delivery networks, payers, and life science brands) on improving health equity and bending cost-curves.

Products and Services


We sell a "customized" subscription-based Smart Health TV Service for:

Community based physicians
Federally qualified health centers
Urgent care clinics
Medical Societies
Academic health centers
Accountable care organizations
Hospital integrated delivery networks
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We sell a "customized" advertiser-sponsorship based Smart Health TV Service for:

Biopharmaceutical brands (Rx, OTC)
Medical device brands (Rx, DME)
Health-focused consumer brands
Fitness & recreation brands (wearables)
Retail Pharmacy networks
For-profit and government health players
Consumer technology brands
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Point of Care Marketing


Waiting Room TV Pix

Point-of-Care Venue Today

A $500M growing to $2B advertising sector owing to ACA's expansion
MD's office 1st media channel, 2nd Pharmacy, and 3rd Hospital, Engages captive "health seeking" consumers.
Average MD sees 19.5pts/day; Avg
waiting-room times > 40 minutes, Avg exam room consult 8-12 minutes
Significant need to "Amplify" MDs take-home message = Better (1) Compliance, (2) Health Equity, (3) Outcomes and
(4) MD-Reimbursement
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Point Of Care Communication Council

Point-of-Care Media Players

Top PoC media players offer a myriad of traditional & digital media tactics (TVs, Tablet, Magazines, Brochures, Wallboard)
Combined top-players span 70% (~180K) practices for new market entrants
Tremendous M&A and consolidation by
top-players of smaller networks
Across the entire PoC incumbents have limited know-how, targeted-content, and physical expansion into exploding multicultural consumer-HPCs markets.
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Medical School Point of Care

PoC First Mover Advantage (FMA)

InnerCityMD seeks FMA as 100% Over-The-Top (OTT)-TV network reaching 100M-plus urban PoC, mobile and connected-TV HHs
Corporate commitment to design and deploy to HBCU-MDs evidence-based and
URM-patient wellness solutions
Significant OTT-TV opportunity targeting highly-prescribed Rx/OTCs/CPGs for minorities who suffer 2x-3x from health disparities conditions (diabetes, kidney failure, stroke, obesity, CHF, HIV/AIDS, asthma, cancer)
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Triple Health Media Plans

InnerCityMD-TV will design, deploy and stream primary care, specialty care, public health, and therapeutic solution Smart-TV channels to your clinical sites, across consumer-patient mobiles and household connected-TVs. Subscription plans are tiered to HCP practice sizes and health brand KPIs.

  • Smart-TV App/Channel
  • DTC & HCP Channels
  • Custom Videos (Per Brand)
  • HPC Website
  • Health Wallboard
  • Health Magazine
Practice Size 7-10 HCPs
  • Smart-TV App/Channel
  • Smart TV Monitors (7)
  • Custom Videos (100)
  • Social Media Website
  • Health Wallboard
  • Health Magazine
Practice Size 4-6 HCPs
  • Smart-TV App/Channel
  • Smart TV Monitors (4)
  • Custom Videos (50)
  • Social Media Website
  • Health Wallboard
  • Health Magazine
Practice Size 1-3 HCPs
  • Smart-TV App/Channel
  • Smart TV Monitors (2)
  • Custom Videos (25)
  • Social Media Website
  • Health Wallboard
  • Health Magazine

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