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Who We Are

InnerCityMD is a health & medical content, media technology, and advertising services company. Our core business is the custom design and deployment of Over-the-Top (OTT-), Connected-, Smart-TV apps and channels across Roku, Amazon Fire-TV, Apple-TV, Android-TV, Chromecast, iOS & Android mobiles targeting the multilevel $4T health & medical industry.

Why We Exist

Analysts recognize 90% of US consumers are healthcare illiterate; 86M are pre-diabetic, 23M fully-diagnosed; 1.2M are addicted to prescription and illicit opioids; $300B is lost annually in retail Rx abandonment due to poor adherence; and across both red and blue states continued chronic disease burdens costs ~20% GDP.

Our Team

InnerCityMD is run by visionary medical, media, information technology and business professionals. Our editorial staff includes physicians, nurses, journalists, videographers and medical graphic artists. We fully understand our customer businesses, community social determinants of health, and leverage the latest digital media techniques designed to attract and engage our target viewers.

Our OTT Technology Helps Patient, Providers, and Therapeutic Brands Achieve Value Based Care

OTT, Connected, Smart-TV

10’s of million US households termed “Cord-Cutters" and "Cord-Nevers” are opting out of their traditional cable, satellite and telco pay-TV services. Fed up with $200-plus monthly service fees and lack of al la carte content choices, these consumers are flocking to Over-the-Top (OTT) platforms such as Roku and Amazon Fire-TV offering “skinny-bundles” of favorite channels for a low single or low double digital monthly fee.

Consumer Trends

According to media analysts, in 3Q’17, 38.9 million Americans used a Roku at least once per month, up 19% over 2016. Chromecast came in second with 36.9 million users, followed by Amazon Fire TV with 35.8 million. Apple TV came in a distant fourth with 21.3 million users, mostly due to its high price.

OTT Solution

InnerCityMD is launching an OTT TV network to help tackle the US healthcare crisis. Our cross-app solutions educate consumer-patients on better awareness, prevention, and self-management of acute & chronic diseases. We empower multilevel HCPs (e.g., community-based physicians, FQHCs, urgent care, academic health center, payers, and life science brands) on improving health equity and bending cost-curves.

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Our OTT solutions are tailored to your specific patient activation-engagement goals. Let's find the most flexible and cost-effective solution for your medical practice. Call or Email us.

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